In Memory of: Sgt. James S. Lee
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Dearest Bill,
I thank you for posting your sites and for all you have done for our country. Yes, I have been going through quite alot of raw emotion since his death. Partly because he was killed on the very day he was due home. I cannot even fathom all you may have had to endure in your time there in Iraq or my sons time in Afghanistan. I had asked him a few weeks after he got there to describe it to me so I would feel like I were with him each day. He replied it was the easiest question he ever had to answer, as everywhere he looked was dirt and everywhere he stepped was like small potatoes in size for at least 18 hours a day. The rest of the time what he looked at was very beautiful and made the dirt not seem as dreary. It was his BIBLE. When asked how he greeted the mornings just five days prior to his death he said, " I WAKE UP SAY A PRAYER, and TIGHTEN THE BOOT STRAPS, ( CARRY ON SOLDIER ) AND I GO TO WHEREVER THE LORD TELLS ME, AND AT THE END OF THE DAY, I CAN SMILE AND FEEL JOY, FOR iIKNOW I FOLLOWED MY GOD.

. He was a devout Christian who had aspired to travel Israel as a Missionary once his 8 yr term was done in June of 2005. From the time he was 11 or 12 it was as if he were a miniature God to all of our family. He was like a sponge for God. He learned both Greek and Hebrew in order to get an even better and complete understanding of God. Jimmy Shawn was definitely a one of a kind guy to all who ever met him. Always there to help out anyone in need, anyone less fortunate. He could be serious one minute and then be teasing and livening up his fellow comrades or his family whenever he felt the need. He is surely missed but I know he is with the very God he loved so much. Now, I try to do as he did and TIGHTEN THE BOOT STRAPSAND CARRY ON THOUGH IT HAS BECOME MORE DIFFICULT THESE DAYS TO DO. I am just sending you the photos and the info on him. you can post them however you would like.
Marine Sgt. James S. Lee

26, of Mt. Vernon, Indiana.
Lee died in Ghazni, Afghanistan, when the Army CH-47 helicopter he was on crashed. He was assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 142, Marine Aircraft Group 42, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, Marietta, Georgia. As part of Operation Enduring Freedom he was attached to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 773, Marine Aircraft Group 42, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. Died on April 6, 2005.

Thank You Bill and God Bless you.

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Monday, January 8, 2007